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Earthworm® Septic Waste Eliminator

Earthworm is pleased to announce the newest member of our septic and drain family of products - EARTHWORM® SEPTIC WASTE ELIMINATOR. Joining our already successful Earthworm® Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (single-dose box), Earthworm® Septic System Treatment Pre-measured doses (three-dose bag), and Earthworm® Liquid Septic System & Cesspool Treatment (three-dose bottle), Earthworm® Septic Waste Eliminator provides the same natural cleaning power with an extra kick!

Earthworm® Septic Waste Eliminator restores the essential balance your septic system needs to be at its best! It contains highly-active bacterial cultures and special enzymes that have been proven to reduce build-up and digest household waste, including toilet paper, wipes, and feminine hygiene products. When you add Earthworm® Septic Waste Eliminator, our customized enzymes coat the surfaces of drains and pipes with a strong biofilm that protects microbial colonies from harsh chemicals and temperatures, keeping your system operating efficiently and odor-free.

And to make our already great product work faster and more thoroughly, we've added EXTRA CELLULASE AND LIPASE ENZYMES to jump-start the breakdown of paper products, fats, oils, and grease in your drains and septic systems. We're confident Earthworm® Septic Waste Eliminator has the power to tackle your toughest septic issues!

January 26, 2022 by dave becker
Tags: News