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Earthworm® RV & Marine Boat Holding Tank Treatment & Odor Eliminator


SKU: 898744001175
  • Keeps your RV & Boat's tanks and drain lines clean and fresh
  • Natural enzymes won't damage septic tank or plumbing
  • Liquefies solids in both gray and black water
  • Does not contain harsh chemicals, effective in any climate.
  • Low cost per treatment and non-corrosive

EARTHWORM® RV & Marine Holding Tank, Drain Treatment is ideally suited to clean almost every type of holding tank system, recirculating toilet and gray water tank. Regular use of EARTHWORM® will digest waste, tissue, fats and proteins as well as eliminate odors before they start by eliminating the build-up of organic material in your holding tanks. Earthworm can also be used in kitchen and bathroom sink drains, floor drains, bathtub and shower drains and dishwashers. Unlike holding tank cleaners with harmful, caustic chemicals, EARTHWORM® is safer for use and will keep holding tanks and drains smelling fresh even in hot weather and with heavy use.