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Homemade cleaners

There are dozens of recipes for homemade cleaners available, some more effective than others. They offer big savings over purchasing commercial products, are much safer for kids and pets, are healthier overall, and are better for the environment. But are they better than the custom formulated enzymes in Earthworm® products?

Enzymes are used in a number of industries such as paper processing, medical device cleaning, laundry, and dishwashing. Within your own body, enzymes perform a number of important functions, including digestion, cell division, blood clotting, immunity, and protein recycling. One enzyme molecule can break down several substrate molecules, so a small amount of enzymes provides significant power to consumer products. Plus, enzymes are specific to certain activities and environments, so combining certain enzymes can create a more efficient combination to break down numerous substances.

The enzymes in Earthworm® products are intentionally selected and custom formulated for a variety of situations and materials. Earthworm® Drain Cleaners are designed to break down hair, soap scum, and food particles. Earthworm® Septic System Treatments are formulated to complement existing enzymes within septic systems. Earthworm® Pet and Carpet Products are perfect for breaking down common stains without damaging carpet fibers. Earthworm® Garbage Disposal Care is specially formulated to attack the clogs and smells associated with kitchen debris.

In addition to offering more powerful, targeted cleaning power, Earthworm® products offer all of the other benefits of homemade cleaners. They are the most environmentally friendly cleaners available, and are safer for everyone in your home. And they really work.