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Septic system

According to the EPA, over 60 million people in America depend on septic systems to treat their wastewater. And while they tend to be utilized in rural and less populated areas, about one-third of all new developments are still designed with septic systems. Septic systems offer clean water and waste removal that is often more efficient, economical and environmentally friendly than giant water treatment facilities.

But like any complex system within your home, your septic system requires regular maintenance to keep working properly. Every 3-5 years, the system and tank should be inspected by a professional. Certain materials biodegrade more slowly and should be kept out of your septic system, including grease, oil, paint, solvents, paper products, coffee grounds, feminine products and diapers.

Septic systems rely on bacteria and enzymes to break down waste. As such, typical cleaning products can actually be detrimental to the ecosystem in your septic tank. Earthworm® Septic System & Cesspool Treatment uses highly-active bacterial cultures and special enzymes to break down organic materials and digest household waste. In addition to cleaning your septic system and keeping it smelling fresh, Earthworm® Septic System & Cesspool Treatment restores the necessary balance of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to help keep your system operating efficiently. It contains ingredients to assist in breaking down difficult household wastes, including fats, oils ,grease, meats, starches, vegetable matter, toilet paper and tissues. Our septic system products are available in liquid, powder, and pre-measured packets.