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Earthworm® Drain Cleaner


SKU: 898744001236
  • Natural bioenzymatic process, won’t damage plumbing or drains
  • Effortlessly clears drains and helps stop clogs before they start
  • No harsh chemical residues
  • Citrus & sage fragrance
  • Removes build-up
  • Helps drains smell fresh

Earthworm® Drain Cleaner uses a naturally-occurring process to break down and digest organic materials. It's ideally suited to clean almost every type of drain and will also control odors. Regular use of Earthworm®  prevents clogs before they start by digesting & eliminating the build-up of gunk & other organic material in your drain lines from hair, food, soap, shampoo,toothpaste as well as other organic matter. Earthworm® can be used in kitchen drains, bathroom sink drains, floor drains, bathtub drain, shower drains, as well as boat and RV holding tanks and grease traps. Unlike drain cleaners with harmful, caustic chemicals, Earthworm® is safer for use in garbage disposals and will keep them smelling fresh.  Septic Safe

Available in 32 oz, 64 oz and 128 oz single bottles or cases.


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