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Hair drain

Some of the most frustrating drain clogs are caused by hair. These clogs tend to occur in bathrooms, where you undoubtedly have more drains than in any other area of your home. The combination of hair with soap, shampoo or shaving products creates a thick mass held together almost like glue. Over time, such buildup creates clogs which can be difficult to remove.

If the hair clog is just below the surface of the drain, you can sometimes clear it simply by removing the drain stopper and strainer, and then fishing the clump of hair out of the drain with a stick or tweezers.

If the clog is deeper in the pipes, you'll have to use a longer drain auger or some product to break up the clog. Drain augers can often snake through the pipes to puncture the clog and remove it, but they can be difficult and time-consuming to use. Typical commercial products that you pour down the drain contain caustic, harmful chemicals that can damage your plumbing, poison your water supply, or make the pets and people in your family sick.

For a truly safe and environmentally responsible solution, Earthworm® Drain Cleaner is perfect for removing hair clumps and clogs. The natural enzymes in our product actually digest organic material in the same way they break down materials in your own body. Simply pour 6-8 ounces of Earthworm® Drain Cleaner into the drain over a few consecutive nights and allow the enzymes to do their work. Your drains will soon be free of hair, dirt and other blockages.

If anyone in your household has long hair, your drains would benefit from using Earthworm® Drain Cleaner weekly. Doing so will prevent the buildup of hair in your drains and keep them smelling fresh and clean.