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Earthworm's New Garbage Disposal Care
Earthworm Garbage Disposal Care is the newest member of our product line. Packed with the same powerful enzymes found in our popular Drain Cleaner, it was specifically formulated to attack and dissolve food particles and waste that collect in garbage disposals.

Garbage disposals were introduced in the United States in the 1930s as a solution to decreasing food waste placed in landfills and avoiding clogs or damage to city sewage systems. Several studies have proven that garbage disposals are effective in decreasing overall waste and environmental pollution, and now 50% of homes in the United States have garbage disposal units.

But the primary complaint of garbage disposal owners is a pervasive, unpleasant odor. Constant grinding of various foods leaves tiny particles of organic material in your disposal and drains which eventually begin to rot and smell.

Earthworm Garbage Disposal Care is the best solution to keep your disposal and drains clear, clean, and smelling fresh. It utilizes natural enzymes to organically break down those tiny food particles that remain in your disposal, and it has a fresh citrus fragrance that will eliminate food odors.
November 16, 2021 by dave becker
Tags: News